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We will personally deliver your message and materials
to the politicians of your choice, for a reasonable rate.


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Emails, letters, and faxes often go unread or thrown out,
but personal visits make sure your materials get read.
We get results.

Reasonable fees on an as needed basis
First half hour is free to learn about your needs.
No long term contracts or retainers necessary.
Keeping down the cost of government.
References available upon request

We can deliver your petition in person
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Press Conference in Iowa with Donald Trump

Rick gives speech on behalf of Donald Trump
at the Jefferson County vote meeting

Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul

New York Senator Jay Rockefeller

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Telling him about the Van Allen Belts

North Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham

Iowa Congressman David Loebsack